Let Us Take a Crack at Your Window Repair

We offer residential services throughout the Salisbury, MA area

Your window seals are wearing down, and the draft coming through your kitchen is raising your utility bills. Stop throwing money out the window by hiring the experts at Prostaff Window Services. We offer window repair services for homeowners in Salisbury, MA and surrounding areas.

Double-hung windows are made with intricate mechanisms that help them open and close properly. When those mechanisms get older, they tend to fail. We'll restore your windows so you have a well-fitting seal for your property.

Putting off your window repair can lead to safety concerns. Reach out to us today to set up service.

When should you schedule service?

It's important to notice the signs of a faulty window. You may need a window repair if...

  • Your windows won't open or close properly.
  • There's a draft coming in through your windows.
  • Your energy bills are getting higher and higher.

Your home isn't safe with a broken window. Get fast window repair services by calling 978-375-3887 today.

Single/Double Hung

Single/Double Hung windows may be either tilt in or be sideload windows. The aluminum commercial windows installed in buildings today are far more complex than the wooden windows of yesteryear. Many machined and complex components must perform for these windows to operate correctly and safely.

Many of these components are made from nylon and plastic. Over time these components fail and cause the window not to operate and make the windows unsafe. Common symptoms are windows that are difficult to open and close. Window sashes that drift down when opened, sashes that unexpectedly fall like a Guillotine and excessive air infiltration due to missing or deteriorated wool pile weatherstripping.

When ProStaff Window Services rebuilds a window we take the opportunity to upgrade the window balancer system. For example, if the windows in your building have large sashes (ones that weigh from 40-80 lbs or more) and they were manufactured with a standard balancer system, ProStaff Window Services can upgrade your windows with a set of high performance balancers.

The benefit is greater ease of sash operation. Reason is, a standard balancer will assist you in lifting only 40% of the weight of the sash. ProStaff Window Services rebuilds windows using our high performance balancers. These high performance balancers assist you in lifting 70% of the weight of the sash. This safety feature is a real benefit especially in schools, elderly housing and assisted living centers.

In these situations we actually rebuild your windows better than new!

Here is a list of the most common parts we replace when we rebuild aluminum windows:

  • Sash guides
  • Balancers
  • Tilt buttons
  • Pivot Shoes
  • Tilt Studs/Pivot Bars
  • Locks and keepers
  • Wool pile weather stripping.

As you can see from the picture above, the an awning and casement window design are completely different than a double hung or a slider. Not just in appearance but in the way they function and operate. These window designs use a crank style operator and incorporate a bulb type seal around the perimeter of the window to seal out air infiltration. The double hung and slider use wool pile weather stripping to allow the sashes move within the masterframe.

Most awning and casement windows use a cam style lock to clamp the window shut. By using this compression type seal around the perimeter in conjunction with the cam style lock,provides the tightest sealing windows on the market. Generally when this window needs service, it's the operator and the bulb seal that needs to be replaced.

If this is the window style you have, give ProStaff Window Services a call at 978-375-3887 and we will be happy to give you a free assessment as to the condition and the repairs needed to bring your windows back to top performance.

Sliding Windows

Maintaining sliding aluminum windows

A sliding aluminum window might be the simplest window on the market. There is no complex balancer system to maintain, no complex crank hardware, they simply slide back and forth to open and close. However, they still require maintenance and are an excellent candidate for refurbishment. As with most aluminum windows, they use wool pile to protect against air infiltration.

Over time, the wool pile wears out and deteriorates. Window slide rollers break down and require to be replaced. Fortunately we have you covered, we have extensive experience in rebuilding sliding windows.